If you love your home but you’d like more room, you may be able to customize your current space with a room addition. Whether you’re an empty-nester who wants to change things up to more easily age in place or a young family who needs more space for kids, a conversation with a qualified contractor can turn your problem into the perfect solution for your family.

Small Can Be Wonderful

If you’ve always wanted a wine cellar and you already have a basement, stop thinking about storage and start thinking about the vino. Your wine bottles need

  • cool darkness
  • sideways storage
  • stillness

Rather than keeping a refrigerator that will hum and vibrate, find a spot in your basement that you can clear where you can get a custom wine storage space built. Do your best to find a spot that is far away from heat sources and from windows. The right corner or a closet can serve this purpose well.

Create A Private Oasis

If you’re a cigar smoker, consider adding a humidor space in an attic. You’ll need

  • isolation, to keep smoke from traveling throughout the house
  • ventilation or an air cleaner
  • the right finish

If you can add a window AC unit and a ventilation system that cycles air directly outside, you can better isolate the smoke. Make sure that the finishes in the space, from the walls to the furniture, won’t absorb the smoke. Leather furniture and wooden wall paneling are your best options.

Play Space

Turning an existing family room into a game or media room actually won’t take many changes. You’ll need a great spot for viewing movies and very good window coverings to fully darken the space for best video clarity.

Get creative with cabinetry in this space. Instead of just mounting the television to the wall, consider adding small cabinets in a row to serve as a shelf. Within the cabinets you can store all the remotes, any DVD’s or CD’s you still have in place, or your cable equipment. Take care to use louvered doors anywhere you’re going to store electronics; you want good airflow to protect your gear.

Your game room planning will take a bit more work. If you want a pool table, be sure that the space will tolerate the weight and that you can dedicate that much real estate to one toy. If pool isn’t your thing, look at multi-use items, such as a dining room table that doubles as a ping pong table.

Consider adding a bit of vertical fun to your game room. If you’ve been learning from home, add a climbing wall to your study space. Instead of desks for little learners, invest in small table with chess board patterns built into the top. Add shelving or cabinetry where you can store board games, table top games, workout gear, and electronics.

Take a look at the walls in your game room and consider adding sound-proofing of some sort. A rowdy game of pool or ping pong can be a lot of fun, but not for the person trying to read on the second floor. Sound-proofing felt tiles can add both sound-proofing and are available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Get Crafty

If a craft room has always been your dream but you’re stuck in a corner of the basement or just have a desk, now is the time. Start with the doors. Even if you only have a closet’s worth of space, a contractor can build you doors that have wheels and offer storage shelving inside the door. Once the doors are open, a fold-down work table will give you layout room for beading, quilting, or paper crafts.

Custom storage inside your closet craft room can include drawers for jewelry making raw goods, a power source for your soldering tool or your glue gun and a peg board for hanging tools. A magnetized display board will let you put up inspirational ideas in any form. Of course, you’ll also need a corkboard!

The ability to customize your home is always within reach. With the help of the right contractor, you can turn unused spaces into fun spots that will keep you and your family well entertained. Contact Chapps Remodeling at (214) 244-4549 for ideas on updating your home so every feature of it works well for you and your family.