In North Texas, centrally located, is Flower Mound TX. This unique town considering the atmosphere and features such as lake grapevine and a growing population, has become one of the best places to play, live and work. Remodeling services in Flower Mound TX have also picked up considering the unprecedented boom in residential areas.

Chapps Remodeling

We are an agency that focuses on remodeling, installation, repair and room addition services. Being in the industry for the last twenty years, we have acquired vast knowledge in dealing with different clients, ensuring that what we offer is of the utmost quality. We have specialized in doing home repairs, bath and kitchen remodels, and room addition in relation to the clients’ desires. For that, we pride ourselves in professionalism, attention to detail, dedication, and closely working with our clients in order to create a personal touch.

In addition, we have experts in finish carpentry, crown molding, trim and window casing. Our services include:

When considering remodeling, it’s best that you contact a company that has knowledge in remodeling homes expertly. In kitchen remodels, we may enhance your cabinets or sinks. With doors and windows, we offer a variety of looks. We also do bathrooms and floors, enhancing your homes look.

We help fix your appliances seamlessly in your kitchen or even bathroom. Ranging from fixtures, cabinets and dishwashers, sinks, chandeliers, ovens, toilets and even cabinet lighting. Decorating your perfect kitchen or bathroom is possible with us.

Are you a homeowner with broken sinks and old paints and struggling to find an agency to help with the mess? Chapps remodeling also deals with repairs. From electrical to plumbing repairs. We also work on change of paint, drywall and exterior trim.

Room additions
If you adore your home but desire more space for whatever reason, then you should consider room addition and we here for just that. We add exactly what you want: It may be a sun-room, bedroom, garage or porch additions.

When you choose to work with us for your home remodeling needs, have the utmost confidence that everything is going to be done to your utmost satisfaction. There’s more as we offer a one-year warranty for all our services. In addition, our team is always ready and willing to give you a free estimate so that you nothing comes as a surprise when we start the job.

What do we believe in? Being honest, dependable and reliable, being upfront and working hard.

There’s no place as special as homes. That’s where you hide when the world is beating you down. Its where you raise your families, and its where you make memories with your loved ones. And for that, you should make it as calm, beautiful and with a personal touch as possible, from the colors to the kitchen cabinets, to the chandelier decorations and even toilets.

For room additions, repairs, remodeling and installation, contact Chapps remodeling and let’s turn your dreams into a reality.

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