Keep your tenants happy and get the most from your rental or lease property investments with prompt, responsive property maintenance service from Chapps Remodeling. Most property owners are aware of how important regular upkeep and maintenance is. However, actually keeping up with such demands can be challenging, especially if you are responsible for multiple properties. With situations like this, the team from Chapps Remodeling is here to do the maintenance work necessary to optimize your property’s value and give your tenants a place to happily call home or use for business purposes.

Our Property Maintenance Expertise

Chapps Remodeling is a client-centered company that meets a variety of property owner needs. With property maintenance, we have a reputation for being thorough and attentive. In fact, we already maintain a 74-unit town home complex along with all exterior wood, trim, and stucco. We also take care of attic and crawl space maintenance and address issues with sump pumps and roof leaks. This is just an example of the many tasks our team is prepared to handle affordably and efficiently.

Why Property Maintenance Is Important

Nobody that owns property wants to face negligence claims in court. It’s also safe to assume there’s no desire among property owners to deal with high tenant turnover rates or bad reviews from unsatisfied tenants or lease-holders. Unfortunately, these are all things that can happen if you fail to keep up with basic maintenance needs or take steps to prevent serious problems.

But if you turn to the experienced team from Chapps Remodeling for property maintenance, you may enjoy benefits that include:

  • Increased property value
  • Fewer tenant turnovers and vacancies
  • Lower property management costs
  • Fewer issues with costly emergency repairs
  • Better reviews from satisfied tenants

Responding to Requests in a Timely Manner

Making repairs and improving properties is all we do at Chapps Remodeling. For this reason, our client-specific maintenance services also allow for a prompt response to tenant requests and needs. When thee is an urgent need for a roof evaluation or urgent repairs, for instance, our trained, experienced contractors will arrive promptly to assess the situation. Appropriate steps will then be taken to resolve the issue. We do this with all maintenance requests, no matter how big or small they may be.

Providing Preventative Maintenance

Spotting and fixing small issues before they become big headaches is another way you can benefit from our property maintenance services. One way to do this is to create a preventative maintenance schedule, which can involve routine inspections and evaluations. Any problems or potential issues spotted can then be corrected. Preventative maintenance service can easily contribute to significant savings over time.

Put Our Team to Work for You

Ready to mitigate the risk of costly property damage and other issues that go along with not being as diligent as possible about maintenance? Chapps Remodeling will work with you to put together a sensible and affordable property maintenance plan that’s right for you.

Contact us today to discuss your property maintenance needs.