If you are in the Colleyville, TX area, remodeling your home with the Chapps Remodeling team can be a breeze. Chapps Remodeling is an experienced remodeling company in the Colleyville, TX area your home can benefit greatly from their 20 years of experience.

Estimates to get an idea of what changes are possible are free and the representative will give you a wide variety of information on how Chapps can take care of you and your home.

Here are just a few of the services available to you with the Chapps Remodeling company in order to make the dream you envision come true.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

Chapps uses some of the top listed designers in the area to make sure your kitchen remodel is done to your specific liking.

The remodels can include cosmetic changes or foundational ones. Chapps Remodeling can facilitate the dreams you have for your your kitchen and bathrooms down to the letter. Whether it includes changes in cabinets, sinks, light fixtures, flooring, or a host of other needs to make your remodel a reality.

Room Additions

Room additions are not a problem for the Chapps team. Whatever your life needs currently are whether that be a young family looking for additional space for your children, or empty-nesters who want to take their bedroom from upstairs to downstairs, all can be facilitated through Chapps Remodeling.

Appliance Installation and Replacement

If you need a professional to either install your new appliances or replace the old ones, the Chapps team can facilitate both.

These appliances are usually large heavy and awkward to self-install. The Chapps team is an expert at installing or replacing these appliances correctly and efficiently.

Cabinet Modifications

Chapps Remodeling Company realizes that the kitchen is the center of your life and home. They know preparing meals in your dream kitchen is your priority and it becomes theirs as well.

Though you may feel that cabinet remodels can be long and arduous, your designated contractors will make sure that it is done to your exact specifications not only in appeal but in time and efficiency.

Doors and Windows

Whether your remodel ideas include creating an interesting window or door designs or you simply feel replacement is necessary, the Chapps team can make your life that much easier by providing these window and door remodels or replacements

If you’re not sure why certain windows won’t close or open well or how to adjust your doors so they don’t squeak, lean, or stick when you open and close them, the Chapps team can be of service.

Customer Furniture

Furniture speaks to the type of person you are and the home you keep. Being able to request custom designs from the Chapps team can be an awesome experience.

No room is off-limits to for your selection of custom furniture. Whether it’s couches for your den, chairs for your kitchen, or even stools for the bathroom. The Chapps custom furniture team can make your dreams a reality.

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